Your portal is destroyed by a ghast as soon as you enter the nether dimension and all your items are missing! You must survive to get back to the “paradise” of the Overworld!

The new Nether update is a bit confusing for newcomers. This world will help you get to know the dangers of the Nether and how to face them like a pro.

First you will spawn in a nether portal and as soon as you step out into the Nether the portal is destroyed and can’t get back into the Overworld.

Some things that get to know about the new nether:

  • How to ride striders
  • Hoglins
  • Netherite and how to obtain netherite
  • Weeping and twisting vines
  • Respawn anchors

Some screenshots below:

After you finish playing you can do whatever you want with the world, no matter what. By the way this is my first world I’m sharing.


1. Nether-escape