Looking for a parkour map? Well, this map not only has parkour, it has a maze too. Providing varieties of parkours and mazes to enjoy! Including ladder jump, roof jump, and much more. 

This map helps you to enrich your skills of parkour and maze. Well this map has it both as mentioned.

This map consists of multiple mazes and parkour. So, basically at first you have to complete a maze then you are gonna go and do a parkour. Like this the the map progresses.
The mazes are some bit confusing so you will have to be careful with each step you take. So, to make you not so bored with the same themed maze, I have made it so each maze has a different theme. For example, there’s a dirt maze, then there’s a ruined style, and a quartz style and so on. The parkour has dirt parkour, it’s using coarse dirt to give a much better feeling than the normal regular dirt. Then we have a quartz parkour like in the maze, and after that we have a Lantern themed, sea lantern to be more specific. Like that, I have created multiple themed parkours and mazes so that you can enjoy it.

As seen here, you have to make a decision between left or right. That is not the end of the maze. Whether left or right, your paths increases. Some lead to a dead end,  and others lead to  more paths. And then you reach the end of the maze after a few tries.

 Like, I’ve mentioned ,the more you move forward the more choices you have to make.

This is  how it looks when you are at the end of the coarse dirt maze.

After pressing the button you will go to the parkour. 

This might  look a bit hard for some of you but don’t worry it’s easy.You’ll have to look where the ladder is carefully and jump and the do look towards the ladder to complete this ladder parkour.

And  after the ladde parkour, you’ll have to make some simple jumps.

Now, the next one is a maze. This is a quartz maze. Feels so white. But now there’s three ways to go, This time it’s a bit harder than previous. 

This is how the end of this maze looks like. 

Do the same steps as told as the dirt ladder parkour to complete this.

In this one, you will sprint and jump at the last moment to finish this one.

AFter this parkour, you will go to the ruins maze. This one has the same 3 paths as before.


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