Random Parkour

ID: 22871

Play with your friends and try to be the first who claimed 5 points to win .

You can play from 1 to 30 players without any lag or a problem>scoreboard .

And you can play with texture packs and addons with no issues because the map only made with less than 20 commands to evict the lag .

What is this ?

This map is a mulitplayer and solo parkour map .

The map recreate a random possible parkour every time you pass a level .

The map can handle over 20 players moving in the same time because it only has less than 20 command block .

How I play ?

When all players are ready to start click on the “Start game” button and the map will make a random parkour in 0.3 second after that you and your friends will get teleported to the parkour and try to beat it first to beat get a point after that the map will keep creating random parkours until someone claim 5 points .

When you claim 5 points you’ll win after that the map may take from 3 to 6 seconds to reboot himself .

You can play the map over 100 time without any problems .

Is the parkour possible?

All the parkour that the bots will make are possible it can be easy and it can be hard .

Does the map support resource pack ?

The map supports all the resource pack .

Is it possible to play it again ?

Yes we made new system that reboot himself every time someone wins and even if failed to reboot you can reboot the map by yourself by clicking 1 button .

Is the map can handle so many players ?

Yes the map can handle 30 players .

And it’s possible to play the same parkour once or twice. 

Does the map have Anti-Cheat ?

We’re working on a new Anti-Cheat , for now the map doesn’t have anti-Cheat .

How mush the map can make of parkour ?

The map can make from 4 to 10 new parkours .

We will add new parkours with the next update of the map .


1. Random-parkour