This addon adds pink diamond to Minecraft and makes pink diamond rarer than diamonds. 

This is the pink Diamond block you can make it with the pink diamond and it also glows like the diamond as well but I don’t think this texture is going to stay because I’m feeling like changing but if you like let me know if I should Change it or not and the pink diamond block now drops the block when mines because in the first release of the addon it didn’t do that.

This is the pink Diamond ore it spawns very low at the bottom of the world it’s better than diamond also when you mine it it will drop pink diamond after being mined and the texture now animates so if you want to check that out go check out the video on my channel.

Now here’s the YouTube video which is the showcase for the addon it’s on my channel so when you look at Pls subscribe and like and comment and share and put post notifications On as well and follow me on twitter @razorwolf19 and follow me on Twitch Razor Wolf.

– Pink Diamond Addon (Showcase)

– pink diamond generation 1

– pink diamond generation 2

– pink diamond ore generation 3

– pink diamond ore generation 4

so here are some in game images of the pink diamond ore generation with the animated texture and it also has a level that it spawns frequently at and I think it’s y15 also when you now mine the block it will no longer just drop the block it will now drop the diamond instead of the block so I fixed that and let me know if there is any glitches with the generation.

so that’s basically it if you want more updates about this addon follow me on twitter @RazorWolf19 and subscribe to my channel Called Razor Wolf 2.

(Disclaimer) I don’t know if this addon work on all version of Minecraft so if you do try it on your Minecraft pls let me know if it worked because if it didn’t work I will try and fix it alright.

– Pink Diamond 

This is the pink diamond as you can see the texture has changed it’s no longer cut off and the pink diamond now glows and the pink diamond can also repair your items such as tools no armor yet but soon.

– tool 1

– tool 2

– tool 3

– tool 4


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