Pokemon X and Y – The Tower of Mastery [Creation]

ID: 20630

The Tower of Mastery is a massive tower from Pokémon X and Y. It includes many details and I made a 1:1 scale replica of it on Minecraft. It is located in Shalour City in the Kalos region, ( you’ll know if you played Pokémon and y before) . If you don’t know what it is you can search it up. You can do whatever you you want with it but just subscribe to my YouTube channel- Primary Minery and I might make more maps in the future.

This is the Tower of Mastery from Shalour city in the Kalos Pokemon region

You can use structure blocks to load it into an infinite world if you like. Hope you enjoy! You can make the map better if you want. You can make the whole Shalour city if you want. The Tower of Mastery is where Mega evolution in pokemon first existed. It is a powerful symbol inside Pokémon and a monument. I think I made a pretty close replica of it, tell me in the comments whether u liked it or not


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