ID: 20667

SkyBlock by Impetus is a modified skyblock map. It has been custom terraformed, so that it would be more pleasing to the eyes. It also has a command that will sometimes generate a random ore to your block generator.

There’s four custom built floating island. It’s normal skyblock, but with some custom commands to make it more fun and enjoyable to play. Every island can spawn map generated mobs.

The main island is based on a plains biome with grassy lands and custom trees.

There’s a flaoting cave that has been modelled to look like a minecraft cave with ores inside.

An island that’s heavily centered on the nether to give the feeling of heat.

A floating stronghold room with end portals to give the chance to go to the end.

Three islands has chests that refreshes every one in-game day.

The main island’s chest has 1 villager egg, 1 lava bucket, 1 water bucket, 1 cactus, 1 sugarcane, and 1 of each colored dye.

The cave’s chest has 1 diamond ore, 2 emerald ores, 4 lapis lazuli ores, 6 gold ores, 6 redstone ores, 5 iron ores, 12 coal ores, and 22 gravel.

The nether’s chest has 32 netherracks, 16 nether quartz ore, 12 nether gold ore, 1 ancient debris, 1 enderman egg, 1 blaze egg, 16 netherwarts, 16 sand, 16 soul sand, and 16 soul soils.

You can build your own custom block generator.


1. Skyblockv1