Start with 1 tree, 1 dirt no items just you in one small tree in a floating block of dirt, Having 1 objective is to kill the ender dragon, wondering how? Having only a single dirt and single tree

With the help of addons we could create new crafting recipes and add more blocks. This map revised how skyblock works. Imagine a craftable diamond and yet you can now craft diamonds by playing this map New Items Added!


Watering Cans Make Plants and Tress Grow Faster!


By trading with a wandering trader you can have a spawn egg which is bought with 2 diamonds and used to craft a villager spawn egg. Wandering traders only sometimes trade spawn eggs

How to make dirt?

There are 2 ways to craft dirt 

Building a composter and filling it up with saplings or killing skeletons which this 2 ways gives bone meal which is used to craft dirt

With dirt you could craft Cobblestone with cobblestone you can craft gravel which gives iron_nugget or flint

With a iron_nugget you could create iron ingots which can create lapiz to diamonds which leaves to creating an end portal

By crafting sugar cane you could make and enchanting table which will help you alot on the ender dragon

How to craft Lava

Create a furnace then smelt cobblestone turns to stone the smelt again turns to smooth stone then craft a compressed cobblestone as shown above and once smelt in will lava which you will need a bucket in able to obtain the lava properly

How to craft water

Dirty ice is crafted with 9 dirt and once smelted turns to ice which ice turns to water once breaked

Having the main items to craft a cobble stone generator


There are 2 watering Cans!

Wood Watering Can-cheap to craft speeds up growth of plants and trees and has small particle effect

Iron Watering Can-Kinda expensive to craft speeds up growth of plants and trees faster than the wood watering can and has large particle effect


1. Skyblock-Extreme-beh

2. Skyblock-Extreme-Res

3. Skyblock