“SpaghettiJet’s World War II Addon” for Minecraft PE – make a real war!

ID: 17850

Have you ever wanted an addon for World War II? Well, now it’s here.



Fully automatic rifle with 20 round magazine

.30 Cal Machine Gun

This is a portable Browning machine gun.
He can quickly burn his 100-cartridge round of ammo

Double-barreled shotgun

Can be reloaded with shotgun cartridges


German assault rifle. It can be very good if used correctly.


This is a small hand-held explosive device that can be used in trenches, or if you want to blow up a German car


This small German 9mm pistol was used by officers or pilots.

Снайперский Kar98k

Normal kar98k, only with a telescopic sight


This is a trench shotgun that has about 7 rounds in the magazine


Anti-tank missile effective against tanks and soldiers


Just a gun

M1 carbine

This is a paratrooper rifle equipped with a 15-seater box magazine and semi-automatic fire


Experimental weapon used by both sides of the war


Assault rifle developed by German inventors in 1940

And a bunch of all kinds of weapons …

The rest – see the add-on itself, which can be downloaded using the button below 🙂

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