Strengthenable Villagers Addon (1.0.6, for Minecraft 1.13+)

ID: 21473

How does it work?

Villagers can be strengthened by giving them some weapons. The list of acceptable weapons is as follows:

  •  Swords (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite[1.16 Beta!]. Attack Damage: 6 – 10)
  •  Axes (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite[1.16 Beta!]. Attack Damage: 5 – 9)
  •  Shovels (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite[1.16 Beta!]. Attack Damage: 3 – 7)
  •  Pickaxes (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite[1.16 Beta!]. Attack Damage: 4 – 8)
  •  Hoes (Wooden/Stone/Iron/Golden/Diamond/Netherite[1.16 Beta!]. Attack Damage: 2)
  •  Trident (They attack the same way as Drowneds. Attack Damage: 8 – 10)
  •  Bow (They attack the same way as Skeletons. Attack Damage: 1 – 4)
  •  Crossbow (They attack the same way as Pillagers. Attack Damage: 4)

To strengthen them, follow this:

  •  Windows 10: Hold one of the weapons listed above and right-click on the Villager to strengthen him.
  •  iOS / Android: Hold one of the weapons listed above and long press on the Villager or tap “Strengthen” button to strengthen him.

You can also strengthen Wandering Traders in the same way as Villagers.

You cannot strengthen Baby Villagers until they grow up.

After they are strengthened, they will no longer escaping from Zombies and Illagers, but will attack them instead.

They will also attack other monsters, except for Piglins and Hoglins.

If Creepers are about to explode, they will run away very quickly to prevent the explosion.

If a raid happens, they will not hide in the house, but will fight instead.

Please note that strengthened Villagers and strengthened Wandering Traders are neutral mobs. This means that if you hurt them, they will attack you. 

Strengthened Villagers will also protect Villagers who have not been strengthened. Since they protect Villagers in the same way as Iron Golems, if your popularity is too low, they will be hostile to you like Iron Golems until your popularity increases. Therefore, do not attack or kill Villagers or Iron Golems to prevent your popularity from decreasing. You should trade with Villagers, upgrade Villagers, help them defeat Raids, etc. to increase your popularity.

If they are injured, you can heal them by feeding. The list of acceptable foods is as follows:

  •  Apple (Heal Amount: 4)
  •  Baked Potato (Heal Amount: 5)
  •  Beetroot (Heal Amount: 1)
  •  Bread (Heal Amount: 5)
  •  Cake (Heal Amount: 14)
  •  Carrot (Heal Amount: 3)
  •  Cooked Chicken (Heal Amount: 6)
  •  Cooked Cod (Heal Amount: 5)
  •  Cooked Mutton (Heal Amount: 6)
  •  Cooked Porkchop (Heal Amount: 8)
  •  Cooked Rabbit (Heal Amount: 5)
  •  Cooked Salmon (Heal Amount: 6)
  •  Cookie (Heal Amount: 2)
  •  Dried Kelp (Heal Amount: 1)
  •  Enchanted Golden Apple (Heal Amount: 4. Effects: Regeneration IV for 30 seconds‌, Absorption IV for 2 minutes, Resistance for 5 minutes, Fire Resistance for 5 minutes)
  •  Golden Apple (Heal Amount: 4. Effects: Regeneration II for 5 seconds, Absorption for 2 minutes)
  •  Golden Carrot (Heal Amount: 6)
  •  Melon Slice (Heal Amount: 2)
  •  Poisonous Potato (Heal Amount: 2. Effects: Poison for 4 seconds (60% chance))
  •  Potato (Heal Amount: 1)
  •  Pufferfish (Heal Amount: 1. Effects: Hunger III for 15 seconds, Nausea II for 15 seconds, Poison IV for 60 seconds)
  •  Pumpkin Pie (Heal Amount: 8)
  •  Raw Beef (Heal Amount: 3)
  •  Raw Chicken (Heal Amount: 2. Effects: Hunger for 30 seconds (30% chance))
  •  Raw Cod (Heal Amount: 2)
  •  Raw Mutton (Heal Amount: 2)
  •  Raw Porkchop (Heal Amount: 3)
  •  Raw Rabbit (Heal Amount: 3)
  •  Raw Salmon (Heal Amount: 2)
  •  Rotten Flesh (Heal Amount: 4. Effects: Hunger for 30 seconds (80% chance))
  •  Spider Eye (Heal Amount: 2. Effects: Poison for 4 seconds)
  •  Steak (Also called Cooked Beef. Heal Amount: 8)
  •  Sweet Berries (Heal Amount: 2)
  •  Tropical Fish (Heal Amount: 1)

If they are not strengthened, you can also heal them in the same way.

If they are killed, they will drop their damaged weapons.

You can also heal Iron Golems by giving them iron ingots, like Minecraft: Java Edition 1.15 and above. An iron ingot can heal them 25 health points.


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