Village Guards

It’s about time our Villagers could defend their own homes. The Iron Golem population is stretched too thin and cannot protect them without help!

This mod adds a new Guard Badge used to promote villagers to Village Guards.

Recipe: 4 iron nuggets (1 in each corner), 1 iron ingot (in the middle)

Use: Craft a Guard Badge and right-click a Villager to Promote them to a Village Guard!


1. Can be right-clicked with a Guard Badge (recipe above) to Promote them into a Village Guard!


  1. Guards remain nearby the Village where they were promoted.
  2. They will protect Villagers from any hostile mobs, (except Creepers).
  3. They spawn with a Wooden Sword.
  4. A single Guard can defend against 2-5 Zombies before dying!
  5. Dead Guards will drop a Wooden Sword and nothing more.
  6. Guards generally act like Iron Golems, they will patrol the village for you!
  7. Guards can also open doors to defend Villagers unlike Iron Golems.
  8. Danger does not sleep, therefore Guards do not either.
  9. Guards tend to avoid any blocks that could damage them but they CAN swim! Just not in lava.
  10. Guards will pick up better armor and weapons if it is dropped nearby!

Guards defending against a zombie herd:


1. Village-guards-1