Temple Escape

ID: 21231

Temple Escape is a map made by Dimondme8 to make you rage

A brief introduction, You an agent for an agency and they want you to get an ancient gem from an ancient temple, but it’s not any ordinary temple, it has way more traps and explosives, you have to extract it and get out Good Luck! 

Full Infomation

Misson #002
Hello Agent, welcome back, Your mission is to extract the ancient gem that’s in the desert temple below you, it’s called the Enchanted Diamond, extract it and get out of there, but this isn’t any ordinary temple, be careful and Good Luck

You’re an agent for an agency that has assigned you to get the Enchant Diamond from the desert temple below you, but be careful! It has been modified! If you fail it will blow up and all of your fellow agents will be dead.

Good Luck Agent!

No Cheating/Hacking.
Stay in gamemode adventure.

This is the only item you get to break in!

After you break in you get ladders from your fellow agents to help you out!


1. Temple-escape