Hello. If you clicked on this mod, you want an extension for minecraft. You did well because this addon adds new features. This mod adds new biomes, new mobs and soon new structures! Here is the description of the mod.



This biome is a dead and evil biome. Only the pirates, the Wraith and the dead are there. But you can also find dead trees which will give you dead wood which is useful for survival.



The dead have 2 variations. The first is the common dead. This undead is faster, more robust and more powerful than its zombie congener. He has a mutant variant which is even more powerful and robust so be careful!


This hostile mob is a damned soul that has found itself trapped in the body of a human. They will shoot you with fireballs and can teleport.


Survivors are peaceful creatures who won’t attack you even if you hit them. They have two variants, the Steve variant, which has an iron sword, and the Alex variant, which has a bow. You can tame them with an enchanted golden apple and mate them with a golden apple. They will aid you in your survival by attacking hostile mobs nearby. They have the same fixed characteristics as a player.


The pirates are illage sailors who loot villages and steal players. They shoot arrows at players and survivors.

Wither King 

It’s a hostile crowd. This hellish skeleton is the lord of skeletons. He has incredible health, does massive damage, and he’s very fast. If you run away from him, he will shoot you with withered skulls. Pay attention.


This ravage has mutated. Now he’s even more powerful and robust, but it’s slowing down. Be careful, it does a lot of damage!


He is the older brother of the pest. It is more powerful and more robust.


This ancient enchanter has lost some powers but can still wield fire. He will therefore send you fireballs.


The mummy is the corpse of a pharaoh who awoke to attack the desecrators of the tomb. It poisons you and has better health than the common zombie.


This small mammal hunts its prey, and unlike the fox, you can tame it and it will follow you.

Diamond Golem

The diamond golem is, as the name suggests, a golem made of diamonds. It is therefore more powerful than the Iron Golem and does more damage. You can tame it and it will follow you.

The endllager 

This little enderman can trade and you can tame him. It attacks hostile creatures.


The Weeper is a faster, sturdier, bigger creeper and it will shoot you with fireballs.

The Overman 

This creature will attack you and deal a lot of damage to you. He has a lot of horses so be careful!

Now on to the articles: The natural trees of the Deathbiome will give you wood which can be used as a confectioner of dead wood tools which are very good. There is also an enchanted diamond apple, a Netherite ore that appears from layer 20 in the deathbiome. There is also a corrupt diamond which is used to craft a mighty sword. There you have it, that’s all about this mod. Of course, I will improve it later. Thanks for viewing my mod!


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