Hello, It’s been so long since the last time I uploaded an addon on MCPEDL. Now, I have made an addon and decided to post it. Lemme introduce you guys The BM Tank Addon!


Version: 2

This addon adds two tanks, BM Tank and Enemy Tank, You can play with your friends or if you are alone, you can still fight with enemy tanks, enemy tanks are controlled by artificial intelligence. Pillagers are spawned along with the enemy tank and it will be riding the tank. This addon features a realistic functioning turret. The tanks comes with custom animations: the wheels, the turret and the gun. Both tanks have a health of 100 hearts. Tanks shoot explosive snowballs. Two tanks are physically pretty similar, the only difference is the color of sight, and it can easily be seen since it glows.

BM Tank:

Enemy Tank:


1. Bm-tanks-addon-v2