TNT RUN, In this game there’s a simple objective of cutting off your friends and being the winner, the way this game works is you spawn into the map and press play, you will be teleported into a red box with pressure plates on the ground you and your friends have 5 seconds to find a good position and once the 5 seconds are up you will drop down and will… if you don’t move you will instantly loose and drop though the TNT but if you keep running you can stay on top of the TNT while it falls behind you. Try cutting off your friends and be the last one standing.

1. This game can manage as many people as you wanna play with.

2. Press the play button at the end of the wall to begin.

3. You all will be teleported into a red box with pressure plates below you.

4. A timer will count down from 5 giving you and your friends some time to separate and find a good starting position to start the game

5. Once the time has reached 0 you will drop to the pressure plates

6. If you do not run in time you will drop down to the dead zone!

7. At the middle of the dead zone is a button that you can press to restart the game and play all over again with no damage caused to the map which means no need to copy the world.


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