This is the 2nd edition of ‘Trains! Add-on’. In this add-on main feature stays the same, which is Connectable Minecarts! But this time minecarts are replaced with Steam-locomotive, carriage and wagons!

Here’s the Vanilla Edition in case you prefer the vanilla experience of minecraft 🙂

So, what’s in this version?

▪Minecarts are replaced with Steam locomotive, Passenger carriage and wagons

▪4 new tools to connect them together

(custom items, stackable[20 per slot], one time use)

How to obtain?

You can obtain the train’s 4 parts and their coupling tools by using crafting table. Here’s the recipes ⬇

How to use?

▪Load and add the addon files

▪Turn on Experimental Gameplay (otherwise you can’t get custom items in-game)

▪Now watch this short video below to learn how to use them properly(sorry for the video quality😅)⬇


▪Leash is not rendered between connected wagons

▪Seat position is incorrect when the train moves towards Z axis

▪Replaced minecarts(for the sake of rotation animations)

▪Supported minecraft version: 1.12

1.13(beta) is rendering the textures incorrectly for an unknown reason. So until full release of 1.13, this addon is only available for 1.12 🙁


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