Is crying obsidian too messy? Is Blackstone hard to see? Do you want block destroying particles disabled? Here are some resource packs that may be useful for all of those! They can all be downloaded in a combination pack or separated in multiple packs. The Particle Disabler is not included in the combination pack though. I hope this helps!

Here are all the blocks that are changed. pumpkin blur is disabled in this option too:

 – Crying Obsidian is a purple-ish version of regular obsidian. 

 – Netherrack, Nether gold ore, and Nether bricks have 50% higher brightness – Removed, comment if you want it re-added

 – Blackstone is changed to dark variants of regular stone

 – Random rotations are disabled for Netherrack, Obsidian variants, nether gold ore, Glowstone, nether wart blocks, warped wart blocks, dirt, snow, and lily pads

 – Fire and Soul fire has the shape of a torch to be less distracting. A separate pack with only the 

Villagers have their level badges disabled, and linking particles are adjusted. 

The crops have green flags on top of them to show that they are ready to be harvested. If you don’t want cocoa beans to be included let me know.

The wither related mobs should be easier to see in the dark areas

In the Red Default Shulkers pack, this is how they will appear in end cities because dying them is only available for creative mode

A bastion would look like this based with the modified blackstone textures


1. Red-default-shulkers 1609549759