If you find the villagers spawning too much and you need someone to help you protect them, this addon will let the villagers protect the villagers with village soldiers. Villager will help you. After the flourishing of the villages, the village soldiers won the raids of the illager faction which lasted a period of prosperity until.


Villager soldier:

  • About mob:

These are villagers soldiers, these soldiers we can see anywhere because these are adventure soldiers to help the villages from hordes of vicious zombies.

This soldier is very mobile when near he will hit melee with his sword and when far away from the opponent he will use a crossbow to shoot distant targets.

When melee mode: 

When ranged mode:


Villager sword:

  • About mob:

This is a villager using a sword. It looks like the villager who is a weaponsmith and the villager who is a weaponsmith will also turn into a sword-wielding villager when he sees zombies and pillagers. As for the other villagers, you can do military service for the village by giving them an iron sword, it will become a villager holding a sword. Villagers holding swords will be weaker than village soldiers. And not as mobile as the villagers because they can only use swords. Villager sword can’t trade with the player.

How to become a soldier:

Note: Any villager can become a soldier except children and the green villager (I don’t remember its name).

Villager bow:

  • About mob:

This is a villager using a bow or can be called a villager archer. This villager has a long-range and can be enchanted with a bow. This villager can be transformed from a villager who specializes in bows and arrows (I don’t remember the name of that profession, sorry everyone). Just like villagers use swords, villagers can also become archers by giving villagers bows. Villager bow doesn’t trade.

How to become an Archers:

Dark Age:

With the rise of the illager faction, the evoker has risen to a new level as the evoker legend. And the appearance of the military forces Pillager Bandit has completely changed the whole world of Minecraft.

Evoker Legend:

This is a mob similar to an evoker, but with more advanced magical power.

  • Blood: 24.
  • Movement speed: normal.
  • Magical Power: More advanced than evoker and capable of summoning vindicator and pillager bandit in battle.
  • Evoker Legend will adventure many places to attack villages that reduce the dominance of the Villager faction. Evoker will spawn at night from 1 to 2 individuals.
  • Skill: Evoker has the ability to recruit children into bloodthirsty vindicators.

Villager Magic:

About mob:

Villager Magic is someone who can use summoning magic to summon destructive spears of justice and iron soldiers. He has the ability to turn zombie villagers into villagers faster than the golden apple.

Video about skill of them: 

Iron Villager:

About mob:

This is an iron soldier, which can only be summoned by Villager Magic and lasts only 20 seconds. High damage, mobility, each summoning will be 3 entities.

Pillager Bandit:

About Mob:

This is a unit of the illager faction, which can spawn everywhere in the evening, from 5 to 8 people. Pilager Bandit has 3 main forms:

Pillager Bandit Axe:

Pillager Bandit Bow:

Pillager Bandit Crossbow:

Video of the battle of the 2 factions:


After the end of the dark ages, the illager faction has regained its advantage in the Minecraft world. Therefore, the illager faction increased its war activities to gain the upper hand over the villager faction. They have begun to establish strongholds to expand their range of activities to destroy the villager faction. In those strongholds, they sent a general to look after the treasures that robbed the villagers and other places. Faced with that situation, the Villager faction increased their numbers and added their military strength. Please make changes to version 3.


Pillager General:

This is the general guarding the treasure in the bandit city. This is a bloodthirsty killer. He was stronger than the other illagers, so the illager council sent him to guard the strongholds to keep the treasure.

  • Health: 150
  • Movement speed: normal.
  • Ability: Can summon minions when the target is far away and melee when the target is close.
  • After killing: There will be a percentage of getting legendary swords and other valuable items.
  • Damage: 9 + ax netherite.
  • Pillager general will appear on illager castle

Illager Castle:

Legend Sword:

This sword will drop when killing pillager general but is very rare.

  • Damage: 10.
  • Ability: will gain healing and resistance effects after each hit.
  • Durability: 2000.

Pillager Guard:

This is an armoured warrior of the illager faction, with a high level of strength, he is a formidable opponent of the villager faction in battles. He was assigned by the council to guard the small town where the illagers were resting.

  • Health: 60.
  • Damage: 7+5 (damage).
  • Movement speed: good. ( careful ).
  • No special skills.

Pillager guard will spawn in illager camp:

Upgrade iron golem:

This is an iron golem but with additional armour. Don’t think that it’s wrong to just wear more armour and nothing else. After wearing armour, the golem will gain health and double the running speed.

  • Health: 100 -> 200.
  • Movement speed: 0.35 -> 0.4.

How to upgrade:

Item upgrade:

Villager Guard:

This is the new warrior of the villagers, for the sake of unification, the villager warrior will only have 1 outfit for all biomes. In addition, the player can make it their soldier by giving the Villager Guard an emerald.

  • Health: 50.
  • Damage: 7+5.
  • Movement speed: decent.
  • When stabbing will slow the enemy.

How to go to guard duty:


The crafting recipe was confused with the shovel’s recipe. You can craft both via hints. I will fix this bug in version 4.

Healing Villager:

This is not a soldier this is a statue made of diamonds that can bless the player and all villagers and iron golems.

  • Heal zone: 20.
  • It only takes 1 hit and it will break.


1. Villager soldier v3 age of war


2. Villager soldier dark age