Are you tired and bored of the villagers’ appearance? Well this addon is for you, as this modifies the model and adds several skins to the villagers to make them more like minecraft players. This will make it more attractive when playing or also for use in adventure maps or mini-games.

  • Player model in villagers
  • 15 different skins according to the professions of each villager
  • Always visible name tags
  • Animations when advancing in arms and legs.

You can also replace the villagers’ current skins with their preferred skin, just enter the files of your world and enter the folder:

resource_packs \ Resource Villager with player skin \ textures \ entity \ villager2 \ professions

Inside that folder you can replace the skin you want. (Just keep the same name) Skin measurements: 64×64 the extension can be .png or .tga.

All other villager functions are still preserved, only no changes apply to zombie villagers, but will be added in the future.



1. Villager-with-player-skin