This will add Wooden Furniture To Your Worlds!

Everything in the pack is usable, and for any problems, please comments about the problem.

This adds 31 New Furniture Blocks To Your Would

Here Is The List Of The Blocks And Their Crafting Recipe!

-Furniture Crafting Table

Use This To Make Of The pieces of Furniture!

Make This In A Normal Crafting Table


Use Any Type Of Wood To Make The Drawer!

Has The same inventory size as a chest!

-Bedside Drawer

Has The same inventory size as a hopper!

-Small Table

Not Super Useful, but it’s a nice decoration block!


You can sit on this and it can be placed in any direction!

-Banquet Chair

Does The Same As The Normal Chair But Looks Different!


Here is a simple way you can put the furniture in your room.


1. Wooden-furniture-mod