X-ray and Cursed Ores

ID: 20459

Hello to those who love cursed packs! In these two packs, the ores and/or command blocks become kind of cursed. For example, their textures are flipped and they are reshaped to chorus flowers. these are two separate packs into one addon because of too many subpack options

For the cursed ores pack, the Netherite Block and Ancient Debris textures are swapped. The same goes with nether gold ore, regular gold ore, iron ore, quartz ore, etc. Both gold ores are swapped to gold block, and the gold block itself has the regular ore texture.

For the xray pack, the ores are shaped like the Chorus Flower blocks. Use the visual xray glitch that involves ender pearls and top slabs, no-clipping into blocks on Toolbox, or falling blocks on your head. You can choose whether to have the ores look funny or you can xray to find them. The same goes with the command blocks option if you are a map maker and can’t find some of the commands blocks you place. This changes all command block types including the repeating-command-in-a-minecart.

Let me know if you want both the ores and commands cursed at the same time.


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