Taq’s Textures

ID: 20873

This is a simple, small resourcepack that changes the textures/appearance of items and equipment that are related to combat. Although it is focused on items related to combat, it still fits in with a perfectly normal Minecraft world! Here are the preview screenshots:

Swords and Armor

I finally made Leather Armor textures! The only armor texture I haven’t made yet is Netherite Armor, but please expect it in a future update. Also introducing “smol swords”, you can choose between the original and the smaller sword textures using the resolution slider.


Here are the Netherite tools, at last! Also changed some of the other tools a bit.


Something that wasn’t in here before, a new Arrow texture, and small labels for the status-effect arrows! I haven’t seen this in other resourcepack before, so I’m just gonna say it’s a new, original idea!

OwO TNT and Misc. Utility Items


Health Bar and Armor Bar

Here’s me holding and wearing equipment with the new textures! You can also see the minor changes I made to the health bar and armor bar on the bottom.

Bow Animation!

I changed the Bow texture a bit, and also gave it a new animation! Here’s a GIF for preview. It’s a bit clonky, but it should suffice.

And that’s about it! Just a little spice in your Minecraft worlds. I, personally, use it when I’m playing SkyWars, but you can really use it anywhere you want. I hope you like this small little pack, and consider giving it a rating! I’m not really active too much, but I will try my best to update as much as I can.


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