Beginners Parkour

ID: 19129

  A medium length parkour map with 3 unique stages. Quartz is the easiest, Stonebrick is the medium stage. Netherrack is the hard stage. None of the levels are too advanced, you should be able to to all the jumps in pocket edition.

    Challenge yourself with your skills in this medium length parkour map! While the map isn’t too long, each level makes up for it as it takes time to complete them. There are about 9 levels in this map and each one in about 10 meters long. All Jumps Have Been Tested And Are Very Possible!

    Play by yourself, or play with your friends as it is fun to compete with people or with a certain time. This is very good practice parkour map. Please don’t hesitate to have fun. 🙂


1. Beginners-parkour