Find The Button [EXTREME]

ID: 19134

Are you looking for a Find the Button map that is completely new and interesting? well here’s our map! This map is made to completely test you and your patience because we extremely hide the button’s in an unexpected place.

This find the button MAP is extremely different from what other find the button MAP you have already played from the worlds I created It was all based on my own imagination and I have made this Find The Button MAP hard to challenge you…

This map includes 5 level’s of find the button ranging from somehow easy to extremely hard. well it’s always be depending on whose playing.

So what are you waiting for? Download the map and play with your friends(recommended)

Here are some of the Highlighted picture in the game. 

Level 1: THE HOUSE

This house has a second floor start from the ground floor try to roam around check every corners to find the button immediately.

Level 3: THE SEA

Swim around under the sea with lots of sea creatures try to find the button that is hidden maybe under the sea.

Level 4: THE MAZE

In this level you’re inside the gigantic maze ridiculous? Isn’t it’s level 4 of course it should be challenging try to find the right way and inspect every way and every corner above and under to find the meticulous button.


1. Find-the-button