This map is a map using commands to create a wither skeleton morph with special abilities, unlike actual wither skeleton mobs, you have completely different abilities to them.

This map was made as a showcase map, intended for players to either actually use it for survival, ignoring the showcase area, or look at the showcase and try it out themself.

In this map, you have a system made with FULLY commands, with special abilities based on wither skeletons. The wither skeleton morph is activated immediately when you throw a wither skeleton skull, a wither rose and a block of coal. When those are thrown onto a sealantern, the wither skeleton skull will check if it’s on a sealantern, and check if these blocks are within radius for it.

You gain 64 of each item (except nether star and sword) when the morph begins. Below is an image of the commands (easy inspection).

First Ability

The first ability is coal drop. The name of the ability says it all about how you execute this ability, this is the same way as it is to execute all other abilities. When dropped while in morph, the coal item will get cleared and deleted from the world, but giving you a saturation effect for 60 seconds.

This saturation effect essentially removes your hunger completely for 60 seconds. Take this ability as if the wither skeleton is eating the coal

This can be useful in mining situations where you need a lot of food. As a matter of fact, this is very powerful for mining since while you’re mining, you’re going to get a load of coal.

Second Ability

The second ability is strength. Similar to the first ability (coal drop), this ability is executed when you drop a stone sword, which is the weapon that wither skeletons normally hold. When the stone sword is dropped, similar to the first ability, you get a strength effect (strength 1) for 60 seconds. 

This can be used to increase damage significantly in situations where it is needed. An example of a situation in which it’ll be useful for is if a bunch of mobs attack you. The third ability works better in that situation, however, this ability is far cheaper, but less useful.

The strength ability can be very useful for clearing up your mob farms, sheep farms, cow farms, etc.

Third Ability

The third ability is the range beacon. This ability can be executed by dropping a nether star while in the morph, this is very costy since you’d need to kill the wither for this. which wouldn’t be too easy. 

This ability is like a beacon, it gives you 3 permanent effects just like a beacon, however, this has an infinite range, meaning you can go wherever you want and the effect will stay with you. The 3 permanent effects are:

– Haste

– Speed

– Regeneration.

These effects are very useful while mining (haste), running away from mobs (speed and regen), healing (regen). While this is active, you will be constantly healing, and are faster than probably all mobs, meaning escaping them is going to be very easy. Using the first ability (coal drop), and this, you’ll have some very effective mining (best in caves) due to the speed effect allowing you to go through the caves even faster, mine stuff faster and no need for food.

Leaving the Morph

To leave the morph, you can drop a barrier (given to you automatically). When that is dropped, all of your effects will be cleared, dropping coal, or using any of the abilities will do nothing. All active abilities will also be cleared after leaving the morph.

(there aren’t much images because what am I gonna do? take an image of the commands? i put an image of the commands anyway)


1. Wither-skelly-morph