Ever wanted to play a LAN game of Capture The Flag with your friends? Well you have come to the right place! Welcome to the Eria Capture The Flag series! 

This map is a fully automated with command blocks Capture The Flag map by Team Eria! You can hop on a game of CTF with your friends on either LAN or Multiplayer connection games without needing a server of any type! The max players is a 9v9, so brawl is out with at max 18 of your friends in this command block run minigame map!

This map allows you to change some rules, while only two, it is enough to change the game how you like!

– Edit how many points is needed to win

– Edit if the game mentions when someone captured a Flag!

There is a rules and a How To Play option within the map to explain fully on how to play! However, if you do not understand how to play fully, this video shows and goes into more depth!

We hope that you enjoy the Caverns CTF! For more updates on more maps like this one, follow @bastraction on Twitter! Enjoy!

Pictures of the map:


1. Cavern-ctf