Find The Button: Prison Break is made by The TRiNITY. This is the first-ever Prison themed find the button map in Minecraft community. 

This map expects you to be logical and smart in finding button in order to escape the different prison cell in levels.

This Find The Button: Prison Break is again made up of 5 super extreme levels  of find the button ranging from easy to extremely hard. Well, as we always say it is always be depending upon whose playing.

If you’re tired and had enough of those traditional find the button map well here is the first-ever Prison themed find the button map made by The TRiNITY. What are you waiting for? I bet you should try this. THIS IS REALLY AMAZING!

Play with your Friends (recommended/optional) playing is always fun if your with someone close or someone special.

*Here are some of the Highlighted picture in the game*

Prison Cell Level: 1

This place is prison obviously you are locked inside. Here imagine yourself to be a criminal, a criminal that wanted to escape this hell. Try to be smart and logical understand your environment in order to escape this cell and find the button.

Prison Cell Level: 2

Prison Cell 2 this cell is very traditional and dirty. It is a place where normal criminals are locked up most. Don’t be disgusted as you are criminal right? and you are locked up. Focus on your goal only. And just be smart in your environment to find a way in order to find the button in a logical way.

Prison Cell Level: 5

You’re smart enough if you reach this final and last level in the map. Means you are smart and very logical person. So, In this final level this is very crazy because escaping is never been easy anyway. You can use what you see around you maybe it is useful to help you reach the door and escape as a prisoner.


1. Find-the-button-prison