Horror Street 1.0

ID: 19991

Enjoy the first update of horror street with Freddy Fazbears Pizza! Enjoy fully functional doors and lights! Roleplay with your friends and become killer animatronics to take down the night-guard, or just enjoy the building!

In this world that was made by one person, me, you can enjoy what kids used to enjoy in 1989! This is known as Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. This is the first production of what will turn into many different horror games converted into minecraft. This one street will include many more maps, such as Slenderman, Siren Head, BATIM, and more!

IMPORTANT: The doors, and lights are fully functional and redstone equipped. The front doors to the building only open during the day. When a sign says “Place Hand here”, just tap or click on the detector behind the sign to open the door. Different lights turn on during the day compared to the night, so just change the time of day to change the light set-up.

I have built the whole building by myself, in the time span of over 24 hours. This is my first build and I am planning to do more builds and amusement parks and whatnot.


1. Freddy-and-more