Knockback Control (Level 2 Update)

ID: 19932

Map created by Jbdawg21, go check out the original map. I enhanced this map to make it easier to play. To play all you have to do to get started is press the button next to the start sign. Then you start by running across to the end of the knockback practice part with your blocks. After that you can choose to stop or continue to the parkour. Recently added Level 2 to the world, will be more difficult and more similar to what a bedwars bridge would look like.

Level 2:

This level will be more around training you to attack a bedwars base, there are many bridges that you have to get passed without falling

Level 1:

Warm up level, More around training you for block clutches that arent on small bridges such as islands on skywars or bedwars.


1. Knockback-control-v2