The House of Horrors was created by the Mojang team and released during Halloween. Ghosts, ghouls and weeping angels are some of the creatures which are found living in this house of hell. But the main things which I think make it scary are the hidden traps and background noises.

There’s no storyline to go along with the map but it’s easy to make up your own as you step through the door and start exploring the house.

Get ready because it doesn’t take long before the first jumpscare..


Watch your step. There are traps all over the house.

The house is occupied by many different creatures and most of them have a specific dislike for miners.

The house is built in a normal world. It looks as if a meteor has crashed into earth and spawned this madness.


1. House of horrors resource pack


2. House of horrors behavior pack


3. House-of-horrors