The Nightmare (Short Horror) (Adventure)

ID: 21376

You just came from a long day at school and when on the walk to home you saw a stranger that looked suspicious, you went to your bed and when that stranger got into your mind; you began to sleep and the nightmare about that stranger began. Can you get through the nightmare in time or will you have that nightmare for ever? 

Credits to everyone and everything for some sounds and inspiration for their horror maps

Sorry if this map is bad: 1. I made it on mobile. 2. I’m not great at making horror maps since I don’t do it often. Also this is my first horror map, or my first map that got published properly. 

This world is about you, and a stranger in your nightmare and you thought about that stranger just before you went to sleep and spooky stuff went in that nightmare about him. 

Also to anyone who I used textures and sounds from; I hope you don’t mind me using them


1. Tmmyxyvgaqa