KGPE Shaders (Beta V5.5)

ID: 19949

Hey ever looked for shaders that are made for everyone that is what I did this shader aims support for all devices low to high end all you need is a working device with 750 mb ram and Enjoy the game 

This shader will be having 3 variants low medium and high to be honest Each of them coming one by one high one will come by march of next year.


  • Realistic Shadow Rendering.
  • Advance Tonemapping.
  • Volumetric Clouds.
  • Orangish Torch lights.
  • dFd Rendering.
  • Custom Sky.
  • Connected glass
  • Custom textures and more.

(All of these features are in low version)

Supported Platforms:

  • Android
  • I don’t have iOS but it should work.
  • Windows 10 not supported

Picture Gallery:


1. Kgpe-shader-v5