Five Nights at Mob’s is a Minecraft map for Android that offers a horror mode to the player. The player appears in a small pizzeria, working there as an ordinary security guard. The fact is that at night quite strange things happen in it that frighten ordinary players. Working as a security guard, the player will need to figure out what exactly is happening there, or simply survive in an unusual location filled with a wide variety of monsters.

What should be done?
1. The player must survive from 22:00 to 6:00. During this time, you can fully explore the map, or hide well and wait for the morning.
2. For several nights in the pizzeria there will be no dangerous monsters, so you can explore it and prepare for battle.

1. Robot zombie

2. Charged creeper

3. Two types of special skeletons

4. Poisoned spider

All mobs are robots that have an expanded search area for the player. They will try to attack the player from behind, which will always be very unexpected and sudden.


1. Five nights at mobs-1