Slenderman Adventure Map

ID: 21804

This horror map will make you feel the real horror that you have never experienced while playing Minecraft on Android. This card will take you to a dark forest, which will frighten you with its appearance, but besides this, there is another creature in this forest that will not give you peace. Slenderman will constantly pursue you and his main goal will be your life, and if you show weakness even for one second, he will take what he considers his by right.

On this map, your main task will be to find all 10 pages of the book before Slender Man overtakes you. If it seems to you that this is not so difficult and not very scary, then you are greatly mistaken. This map was created for multiplayer games and the more people play with you, the easier the game is. If you want to challenge you and really feel the horror, then try to complete the map alone.


1. Slenderman map