Mettaton is a Metal Robot character from indie RPG video game called Undertale

If you are fan of Undertale, you will probably already know about Him,

Ever wanted to meet him in Minecraft?

Ever wanted to join his fan club?

Here we are!  In MInecraft!

As I said, I’m a real Fan of  Mettaton, in undertale.

So,  I made him in the Minecraft! 

Here we go!

How it works?

This Add-on will add one Mob in Minecraft,
Called Mettaton!

Mettaton (Box Form) / me:mettaton_box

-Has 9999 health

-Has 6 attack damage

-Hates water

Slower than player

-Star of the Underground and Monsters!

Mettaton theme/Metal Crusher

If it doesn’t have any Cool soundtrack, its NOT undertale.

The Theme will be played automatically if you spawn/summon Mettaton.

You can stop that theme using /stopsound commad if you desired.

Or, You can play that theme yourself with above command.


1. Mettaton