If it seems to you that Minecraft on Android is not too dangerous and you can easily cope with any situation then download the Zone Zero mod. This mod will turn the entire game world into a post-apocalypse that happened due to the explosion of all nuclear reactors on the planet. After that, very strong climate changes occurred, and some creatures and plants began to mutate uncontrollably. Now the game world will become a very dangerous place where literally anything can kill the player.

The appearance of all biomes in the game will change and become less colorful, and the main colors of the game will be gray and pale gray tones to match the prevailing environment.

All the lava in the game will turn into a green, radioactive and highly toxic slurry that can kill the player in a very short period of time.

All creatures in the game will also undergo changes, especially aggressive representatives, now even the simplest zombie can easily kill you.

Now exploring the game world, you can find first-aid kits and food supplies that will help you survive and not starve to death.

Many other items will also appear in the game, which you can find in chests.

Radiation does not spare anyone and now almost everything is infected with it, even ordinary animals. Their meat became unusable, and they themselves became very dangerous and aggressive.

All game armor has also been redesigned, which now looks more like spacesuits with different levels of protection, which will allow you to explore this radioactive horror.

Also, new buildings will begin to appear in the world, which did not exist before, this was done in order to give the world a desolate and abandoned look.


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