One Block Skyblock

ID: 21946

Welcome to One Block Skyblock. Care to test your luck? What will the almighty block grant you? Spawn in and start breaking that block, along the way random gifts and surprises can spawn. At 750 blocks a Nether Portal spawns, at 1500 blocks an End Portal spawns! Good Luck!

Welcome friends! In this world you need to be a bit lucky and a lot persistent, that makes sense right? Spawn in and start breaking the block below you! There is a “Blocks Mined” tracker on the screen to keep track of your progress.

Along the way random gifts can appear!

Even new friends can be made! (Custom Trades)

When you have mined 750 blocks, a Nether Portal will spawn.

When you have mined 1500 blocks, an End Portal will spawn.

Please read the book below for additional information on the map. This book will be at the start of the map.


1. One-block-skyblock