We may have seen our fair share of attempted portal guns over the years for our beloved Bedrock edition of Minecraft. However, two negative circumstances have consumed all of them: High lag, or mod. However, I have found a way to create a new and improved lag free portal gun using a combination of an addon, and command blocks

How it Works:

  1. First you must take the portal gun, and blue and orange portal buttons (replacing lapis and orange dye) into your inventory.
  2. Upon first use, no portal will spawn. But after you put either button into your hand, the portal gun will fire the color of portal corresponding to the dye you held.
  3. Warning, the portals will not work if there is more than one of each in the world, so make sure DOMOBSPAWN is set to false/off.

At Present the portals replace the sheep and the pig. However, when the ability to add mobs comes to Minecraft bedrock edition I will repost this portal gun with portals that do not replace mobs in the world. Warning: The portal gun will not work without both the command blocks and the addon.


1. Portal-gun-rp-v0


2. Portal-gun-bp-v0