Free Handed Villagers and Illagers v2.0 (Revolution)

ID: 21453


These features apply to all villagers regardless of Profession, Biome, and Age.

·        [R] Villager hands are untied. They are no longer hidden inside their robes

·        [R] Villagers can now render armor visually (Although there are no known ways to equip them with armors other than using commands)

·        [R] Villagers have a panic animation when avoiding hostile mobs that attacks them

·        [R] Villagers have a riding animation when sitting inside boats and minecarts.

·        [R] Villagers wave their hands when trading (Hold an emerald in front of a villager. Does not work on Unemployed, Nitwit, and Baby Villagers)

·        [R] Villagers close their eyes while sleeping (as it should have been)

·        [R] Villagers hold their hands while breeding

·        [R] Villagers now wear gloves depending on their profession (Leatherworker, Weapon smith, and Armorer)

·        [R] Villagers remove their hat when they are sleeping

·        [R] Baby villager’s scale now grow depending on its age. Their body slowly grows as they age

Villager Professions:


o   [B] Equipped with some Iron armor


o   [B] Equipped with iron axe

o   [B] Chases and kill chicken, cow, and pig

o   [B] Can fight against enemies


o   [B] Equipped with a compass


o   [B] Equipped with water bottle

o   [B] Inflicts poison to enemies

o   [B] Gives regeneration to their avenger


o   [B] Equipped with iron hoe

o   [B] Has a chance of feeding fertilizers to crops


o   [B] Equipped with a bucket of fish


o   [B] Equipped with a bow

o   [B] Shoots enemies with bow


o   [B] Equipped with water bucket


o   [B] Equipped with a book and quill

Stone Mason

o   [B] Equipped with Iron Pickaxe

o   [B] Can fight against enemies


o   [B] Equipped with shear

o   [B] Can shear and sheep nearby

Tool smith

o   [B] Equipped with Iron Shovel

o   [B] Can fight against enemies

Weapon Smith

o   [B] Equipped with an iron sword

o   [B] Can fight against enemies

Wandering Traders:

·        [R] Wandering trader’s lead is attached to right hand instead of their body

·        [R] Wandering trader have a custom drinking animation when drinking invisibility potion

·        [R] Wandering trader’s mask has been removed (It does not cover their nose anyways)

·        [R] Wandering traders ride their Llamas



o   [R] Witch’s hands are now untied

o   [R] Witches can render armor

o   [R] Witches have a drinking animation

o   [R] Witches have riding animation


o   [R] Vindicator’s hands are now untied

o   [R] Vindicators can now render armor properly

o   [R] Vindicators have a riding animation

o   [R] Always show their axe even when not angry


o   [R] Evoker’s hands are now untied

o   [R] Evokers can now render armor properly

o   [R] Evokers have a riding animation


o   [R] Pillagers can now render armor properly

Zombie Villager

o   [R] Zombie villagers can now render armor properly


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