You may know that the biggest gun mods/addons on mcpedl now have multiplayer functionality! But you don’t have any quality maps to play on with your friends. Well then this map is just for you!

This is the lobby area, here you can access the gun shop, armor shop and teleport to the maps.

Places within the Lobby:

Gun shop:

This is the gun shop, here you can choose out guns and customize your loadout.

Custom Loadout system :

When in the gun shop, players can make custom loadouts for themselves. First, players will take from the selection of guns on the wall shown below. From there they can take guns and ammo by pressing the labeled buttons on the wall and put them in their custom loadout barrels. There are 7 custom loadout barrels. Once done, players will press the “set loadouts” button to lock them in. Once in a game, players can access their loadouts at the respawn area.

area to access guns and ammo  

This is the gun range inside the gun shop, here you can test your aim and speed using the built-in timer system.

Teleportation area:

Across the street from the guns store here is where you’ll be able to choose and go to the different maps. The area also includes info about the different game modes and different maps. Remember, more maps will be coming soon!

Maps and game modes:

There are 2 game modes; FFA (free for all) and TDM (team deathmatch). Of all 3 maps in the game, two are FFA and 1 is TDM.


All FFA maps are small in size; limited to only 3-4 players depending on the map. All FFA maps have respawn boxes.


All TDM maps are two sided. TDM maps have infinite player capacity and are only limited to map size. Once players choose a TDM map, they then choose which team they are on and what side they want to respawn on.

 *some TDM maps will give you the option of starting new rounds once a full team has been eliminated. This is represented by a kill all button at a team’s side of the map.

Remember we will keep adding maps in updates!

33rd Plaza Hotel

33rd Plaza Hotel is a 3 floor FFA map with a working elevator and respawn boxes (we’ll get into that in a bit)

33rd street

33rd street is a gound based FFA map with sniping positions in one of the buildings and has respawn boxes


Killhouse is a small 3 lane 1v1/2v2 map.

Cargo Embargo (new map!) 
Cargo Embargo is an FFA map with a max of 8 players. 

Respawn areas and how they work:


1. Pvp-gun-maps-castille-studios-v1