Actual Guns Addon

ID: 21485

This add-on adds 57 items to the game. all 24 guns 3 grenades 6 types of ammunition, there are pistols, shotguns, rifles, smg, dmr, and other equipments. This addon also doesn’t replace anything in the game. meanwhile this addon is only intended for Minigames and Adventure maps to use. there is no way to get it in survival.


you must use SHIFT OR SNEAK Button to activate the guns! This control is similar to when you use shields. you can use both together to get many benefits!

There are some problems we cannot fix. the problem is pure minecraft bugs, not addon bugs.

In version 1.12 make sure you set the render distance to about 8 chunks or more. because there is a bug where the disapear entity crashes when disapear in unloaded chunks

in 1.13 it is rather good. one of the problems is a bug where remove tags don’t work with the /function command. You will be stuck if you use a weapon with recoil

This addon is equipped with in game documentation. you can access it anywhere by click “?” button when opening inventory, or go to settings and see “How to play” section

The weapons are AK47, AUG, AWP, BARRETA, COLT45, DEAGLE, FAMAS, G36C, GALIL, GLOCK18, KAR98K, M3, M16A4, M416, MP5, MP40, P90, RPG, S12K, S686, SCAR, UMP45, USP, UZI

To reload. use crafting!


Currently the guns are only obtainable by using /give @p gun:gunname and use granade:grenadename. you can get all items by using /function getallguns


Manually use this :

  • give @p gun:ak47 1
  • give @p gun:awm 1
  • give @p gun:aug 1
  • give @p gun:deagle 1
  • give @p gun:usp 1
  • give @p gun:m3 1
  • give @p gun:mp5 1
  • give @p gun:m416 1
  • give @p gun:m16a4 1
  • give @p gun:scar 1
  • give @p gun:g36c 1
  • give @p gun:barreta 1
  • give @p gun:rpg 1
  • give @p gun:mp40 1
  • give @p gun:p90 1
  • give @p gun:kar98k 1
  • give @p gun:colt45 1
  • give @p gun:glock18 1
  • give @p gun:ump45 1
  • give @p gun:uzi 1
  • give @p gun:famas 1
  • give @p gun:galil 1
  • give @p gun:s12k 1
  • give @p gun:s686 1
  • give @p ammo:pistol 64
  • give @p ammo:shotgun 64
  • give @p ammo:smg 64
  • give @p ammo:rifle 64
  • give @p ammo:sniper 64
  • give @p ammo:rpg 64
  • give @p granade:explosive 64
  • give @p granade:smoke 64
  • give @p granade:flashbang 64

To use Grenades, hold on SHIFT/SNEAK 1 second. There are 3 types of grenades! Explosive, Smoke, And Flashbang

Explosive Grenade

Smoke Grenade


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