RC Car Addon

ID: 21498

This add-on replaces two of the mobs in-game with radio-controlled cars. You control an RC car by using the throw mechanism to decide where you want your car to drive. It’s a really fun and creative add-on which never really been done before. The add-on is very well made and includes custom sounds, particles and other cool details. You’ll love it!

How does it work?

The radio-controlled cars are sold by vendors in villages. There are two different RC cars each responding to a different controller. (This means it’s friendly for multiplayer!).

Before using an RC car you need to charge it. For that you will need a battery (replaces gold nuggets).

  • iOS / Android: Hold a battery in your hand, long press on the RC car and press Charge
  • Windows 10: Hold a battery and right-click on the RC car to charge it

During the charging process you’ll see some cool particles and hear some sounds. It takes just a few seconds to fully charge.

You can now control the vehicle by using the corresponding controller.

  • Blue Controller (Egg) – Blue RC Car
  • Red Controller (Snowball) – Red RC Car

Throw the controller similar to throwing an egg or a snowball to control the vehicle. It has a limited reach so don’t throw it too far away.

You can despawn a car by killing it. But it won’t give up without a fight. However, it takes no more than two hits to kill it so it’s not really any danger.


  • Mobs
    • Blue RC Car (Wither Skeleton)
    • Red RC Car (Stray)
    • RC Car Seller (Villager)
  • Items
    • Blue RC Car Spawn Egg (Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg)
    • Blue Controller (Egg)
    • Red RC Car Spawn Egg (Stray Spawn Egg)
    • Red Controller (Snowball)
    • Battery (Golden Nugget)
  • General Features
    • RC Cars follow targets summoned by the controllers
    • Targets are invisible
    • Custom sounds for car engine, villagers and more
    • RC Cars can be renamed with name tags
    • Battery lasts for 5 minutes and then you need to recharge it
    • Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German
    • You can trade materials with the RC Car Seller to get RC cars, batteries and controllers


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