JDM Legacy Car Pack

ID: 21503

About addon

This addon adds 10 cars (8 cars with 2 modified versions), each of which have it’s own set of colors and liveries and speed!

The cars

So anyways, here are the cars. They are categorized into their own parent company (Nissan, Mazda, Toyota and Honda), followed by the colors that they can be colored/dyed to using PaintMatic.

1) Nissan

a) Nissan R32 GTR NISMO
Has 4 colors; Black, Silver, Group A Livery, HKS #57 Livery

b) Nissan Sil80
Has 5 colors; Black, White, Blue, Red, Kote-X Livery

2) Mazda

a) i) Mazda RX7FC
Has 2 colors; White, Silver

ii) Mazda RX7FC Mod
Has 1 color; Mazda #62 Livery

b) Mazda RX7FD
Has 5 colors; Black, White, Yellow, Red, Mazda #61 Livery

3) Toyota

a) Toyota AE86
Has 3 colors; White, Red, Fujiwara Tofu Shop Decal (Silver)*

b) Toyota Supra A80
Has 4 colors; Black, White, Red, Castrol Livery

c) i) Toyota MR2 AW11
Has 4 colors; Black, White, Gray, Teal

ii) Toyota MR2 AW11 Mod
Has 1 color; White

4) Honda

a) Honda NSX (1st Gen)
Has 5 colors; Black, Silver, White, Red, SpoonSports Livery

How to color them?

As said earlier, you can color them using certain colors. Here is a picture of what they look like. You can get them by searching in the inventory: PaintMatic

The colors (In order as in picture from left to right):

1) Group A Livery
2) Black
3) Blue
4) Castrol Livery
5) Gray
6) HKS #57 Livery
7) Kote-X Livery
8) Mazda #61 Livery
9) Red
10) Silver
11) SpoonSports Livery
12) Teal
13) White
14) Yellow

Some colors may be used on multiple cars, and some colors may only be used on 1 certain car.

Example: Black may be used on the R32 GTR, Supra, MR2, NSX and a few others. Whereas, the Group A Livery may only be used on the R32.

*For the Fujiwara Tofu Shop decal (AE86), I forgot to make a custom PaintMatic item for it. So instead, you can get it by using the PaintMatic:Silver item.

Demonstration of coloring/dyeing a car:


1. Jdm-legacy-win10-v1