This map is inspired by a game in ROBLOX called Prison Life. It’s basically a multiplayer minigame where guards have to watch over prisoners and keep them from escaping the prison. It’s a quite open-ended map since there is no strict path a player must go. The only way that prisoners can win are by escaping but that also comes with a risk of getting killed.

How to play?

This is a multiplayer map which is recommended for 2-6 players and it’s best if you can have the same amount of people on each team. In the map you can choose whether to be a guard or a prisoner.

  • Prisoner: As a prisoner you have to find a way to escape the prison without getting caught. If a prisoner escapes then he needs to get to the Criminal Base, get the weapons and use them to break out the remaining prisoners.
  • Guards: Guards are basically the rulers of the prison. It’s up to them to decide when to let out prisoners on the yard, when it’s time to eat and so on.

It’s recommended to act somewhat realistic and try to roleplay your decisions.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Play in survival mode
  • No cheating


  • Bugs fixed
  • Alarms
  • Store
  • Bank
  • Houses


1. Prison life updated