Prison (Role Play)

ID: 21525

This is a Role play map with 1-6 players are prisoners and 1-6 are police. In the map there are 9 room and one criminal Base in the prison also don’t break blocks.

Rules are in the map lobby and the police stuff is also in lobby 

This is the lobby.

The 9 rooms are:


2.visitor room 


4. Solitary Confinement




8. kitchen


How to play:

The criminal Base has prisoners stuff to kill police and to take out remaining prisoners form the jell (if prisoners got escape)

In the prison there are books if you’re prisoner you can find it. In the book there are was to escape.

•The cafeteria has villagers to trade for food

•the solitary confinement has badrock wall so prisoners don’t escape

prisoners can not escape unless they find the way out. Ones the prisoner escape they have to go to the criminal Base in the base there is enchanted sword to kill the police in the and prisoners and POLICE fight and prisoners help take out other prisoners also prison is made from obsidian and quartz.


1. Prison-role-play