Keep it mind Chloe never played Inazuma Eleven Go so she made up the rooms inside the school and the side buildings, so she doesn’t know much of the inside of the school. Here are the 4 buildings of Raimon and the pitch.

The Main Building – All classrooms, libraries, laboratories and offices are in this building.

Endou Mamoru Hall – Located at the west side of Raimon front pitch, this building was built to commemorate Endou Mamoru and his successful did to lead Raimon to be number 1 in Japan also lead Japan to be number 1 in soccer in the world. The building is known to have Endou Mamoru’s memorabilia. Recently, Matsukaze Tenma’s memorabilia was added in the building to commemorate his successful rebellion against Fifth Sector and Earth Eleven’s victory in Grand Celestia Galaxy.

Raimon Theatre – Located at the east side of Raimon front pitch. This theatre is used to held Miss Raimon, Raimon’s prestigious pageant. It is also use in announcement events, graduation and cultural shows.

Old Soccer Clubroom – The club used by the original Raimon soccer team when Endou Mamoru revived the club. It is kept as a memory of the original Raimon team.

Front Pitch – This is the front pitch used by Raimon Soccer Club. It is used mainly for practice and exhibition matches.


1. Raimon junior high