Miselville city is one of the largest maps of minecraft bedrock edition, currently there are 4 cities and 1 large town, 3 airports, 1 military base, 1 dam and more, the construction of the map began on April 2, 2020 for fun but later we liked the idea so much that we extended it to more! 🤯

The new lobby 

Description of cities:

1-Miselville city: this city was the first to be built, it currently has 3 zones, 1 large airport, a launch base, a nuclear plant, a large port and a dam. In the future we will make it bigger.New stadium! 

2-Gran ville city:This city was the second to be built, it has a large football stadium, a boat port And a race track, I forgot the amusement park. 

3-San Jose city: this city is the second largest on the entire map, it currently has an airport and a bridge that connects with Gran Ville, in the future this city will be very large.

4-Good view ville: this town is located north of miselville city by the highway to the nuclear plant or the launch base, in this city there is a beautiful beach and spectacular hills, there is also the military base desert hills.New aircraft carrier at the military base! 

5-frozen valley city: this city is the furthest from the other cities has a small airport and a large telezilla by the mountain, in the future the city will be bigger.


That would be the cities, now we go with the lobbies, these lobbies are to guide the players around the map and so that they do not get lost in their adventures, each city has a lobby with 5 buttons to travel faster to their designated city.


1. Miselville-city10