City of Democratia

The City of Democratia is Peaceland’s capital and largest city. Founded on the 14th January 2014, the city spans over 200,000 square metres in area, as of April 2018.

By 2020, the City of Democratia has become the centrepiece of Project Peaceland, our upcoming Marketplace product, with yet another revamp and a four-fold expansion. Learn more about our new project below.

City of Austin

Founded on the 8th November 2014 as Hollywoodenplank, the City of Austin is the Republic of Peaceland’s second settlement, located in the mesa biome across the ocean from Democratia.

Off the shore of Uptown, Austin is also Peaceland’s famous Errorland amusement park. You may reach it by sea or by rail via the PRT metro system.

City of Queensland

Founded on the 19th June 2015 as Oasis, the City of Queensland is the Republic ​edition’s third settlement that lies on a plains biome, across the ocean west of Uptown, Austin. 

🛈 Useful Information

System Map of the Peaceland Rapid Transit (PRT).

Formerly known as Democratia City Railways (DCR) and, in Project Peaceland, Democratia Rapid Transit (DRT). Note also that we’ve since renamed Ping On Station to Easthill.

District Map of the City of Democratia.

Note: both the City Southwark and Novus Airport remained plans that were never materialised. A version of the Novus Airport was built in v4.20. It was demolished to accommodate the city’s westward expansion.

🛈 Looking Ahead: Project Peaceland

Peaceland continues to be developed today as Project Peaceland by a larger team of five led by NickMiao0928 and managed by Kae, operating semi-independently the umbrella of Antares BT. Other members of the development team include designbynxusKevin Chan (both of whom were involved in the development of the Septennium Edition prior to 2018), and Brian YCL. It is expected to be completed and released on the Minecraft Marketplace by 2022!

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