This pack is for anyone that thinks Minecraft could use some serious military hardware. In other words, this pack is for everyone! Who doesn’t love rocket launchers, landmines and miniguns,,? Is it Christmas already?!?

Well, maybe the mobs won’t love them, but YOU sure will. And that’s the main thing.

You can get these bad, bad boys from your local weaponsmith. Neat, hey. Level the trader all the way up and the final top-of-the-range trade will be an enchanted axe. Nice! Boring! Not that nice! How about landmines or miniguns??!? You betcha. Just make sure you bring yo emeralds. And emerald blocks!

Not too sure if these even exist in real life! But who cares, we’re not here for reality. These will go straight through a line of monsters, you just need an orderly line of monsters and these rocket launchers will take it from there. Cooperation, people.

  • Once these are destroyed they do not drop a spawn egg, they will be gone, gone, gone.
  • Buy them from your friendly weaponsmith. Unfriendly weaponsmiths probably sell them also. Bargain price of 20-something emeralds.
  • They don’t break blocks (it’s a kind of magic).

Rocket Launchers (normal blowy-up ones)

Place these things down and, just like the minigun, it will target any monster. Unlike the minigun it will replace the monster with a very large hole in the ground. Use with CAUTION.

Also available from your local weaponsmith. Slightly cheaper and tougher than a minigun but quite destructive, so will wreck the landscape quite a bit. When they’re destroyed you can pick them up and place them back down. So, not all that ‘destroyed’ when you think about….


Block Breakers (red light)

Place them down, and you have five seconds to get out of the trigger-zone. After that, if anything comes within a few blocks, there’ll be a boom. And that anything might be gone. As well as a good chunk of land. For reference, they do about the same damage as a charged creeper… Ummm, maybe don’t place them near your base.

Non-block Breakers (yellow light)

As for the above, but no breaking of blocks. Consider them your personal anti-personnel mines. Cheaper and easier to trade for.


These are all sorts of nasty. Place one down and it’ll shoot any monster. Many times. Not a whole lot of hit points but you can repair them with iron and when they break you can just pick them up and place them down again. Now available in a range of colors to match any decor.


1. Landmines