I made this addon to share with all players. You can play csgo and pubg in Minecraft. Adds 25 guns 5 bombs to the games. This is a particularly technical addon. Why do I say this?


  • Real shotgun (more bursts per shot,scattered trajectory)
  • Real m16a4 (three bursts per shot) 
  • Real rpg
  • Bubble gun! (very beautiful) 
  • Flame gun (fire!) 
  • Laser gun 
  • Electromagnetic gun (this world will be destroyed) 
  • Fiying diamond sword 
  • Etc…..
  • All guns can be shot like a snowball and egg through the touch screen. 
  • All guns have cooldown time

New how to get they

Now you can find them in create bar

/function xm    can get all items 


  • /give @p gun:scar
  • /give @p gun:s686
  • /give @p gun:kar98k
  • /give @p gun:taser
  • /give @p gun:aug
  • /give @p gun:m16a4
  • /give @p gun:m1897
  • /give @p gun:awm
  • /give @p gun:ak47
  • /give @p gun:uzi 
  • /give @p gun:m249
  • /give @p gun:deagle
  • /give @p gun:laser 
  • /give @p gun:bat
  • /give @p gun:dsword
  • /give @p gun:bubble
  • /give @p gun:flame
  • /give @p gun:p90
  • /give @p bomb:rpg
  • /give @p bomb:coin 
  • /give @p bomb:pumpkin
  • /give @p bomb:moon_cake
  • /give @p bomb:peace
  • /give @p xm:parachute
  • /give @p ammo:smg 64
  • /give @p ammo:rpg 64
  • /give @p ammo:machine 64
  • /give @p ammo:shotgun 64
  • /give @p ammo:rifle 64
  • /give @p ammo:pistol 64
  • /give @p ammo:sniper 64

display system


The first time enter the archive,will get a book.

loading system

New content

  • add famas
  • add qbz
  • add kolibri
  • add m500
  • add vector
  • add water_balloon
  • Change some items


1. Landmines