Sid for three villages and three chests

ID: 21722

Before you is a new seed for three villages at once and three wonderful chests. This seed is great for a survival game in Minecraft PE. The chests contain everything you need for the initial stage of the game, as well as food, which is a lot in the villages.

Sid for three villages: 450864243

As soon as you appear on the spawn of the seed , walk a little forward and to the left, and this village will appear in front of you:

The village is rather small, but in the chest near the forge you will find:
2 emeralds
5 inkbags
1 iron armor
1 iron boots
4 apples

Really great starting kit ?!
To get to the second village, just go to the other side of the respawn. One village will be behind an island with flowers:

The second village will be behind the mountain biome:

Here is the second village

In the chest of the second village you will find:
5 inkbags
2 apples
1 iron pants
1 iron pickaxe

The third village looks like this and it is located in the Savannah biome

In the third chest you will find:
3 gold ingots
2 obsidians
2 ink bags
1 emerald
1 iron pickaxe

To enter the seed, before creating a new world, select – additional settings, and enter the numbers in the `LED` field

Three Village Sid: 450864243